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The Fastest Remedy to Your Fatigue Illnesses

Whether you're suffering from adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), or living with fibromyalgia, Functional Medicine for Families and Gynecology in Leesburg, Virginia, is going to work with you to help you live a more pain-free life. Our office is dedicated to being proactive about finding the treatment that is right for you. One of our best methods of treatment is hormone therapy.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

We help you find a way to get your energy back. CFS is a persistent medical condition that is marked by mental and physical exhaustion. When you're not able to get a good night's sleep and require cups of coffee just to shake off your fatigue, you might need to seek the advice of our medical professionals.

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Adrenal Fatigue

Your adrenal glands produce a variety of hormones that play a vital role in keeping your body active. When your body won't respond to adrenaline appropriately, we work hard to re-sensitize your body to this crucial hormone. With this ailment, it is always best to speak with your health care provider and start treating adrenal fatigue as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.


Get relief from widespread muscle pain and tenderness. The devastating effects of Fibromyalgia are often felt in every part of your life, but we have simple treatment plans to help.

Stop Your Suffering

All of the conditions we mentioned above can be successfully managed through the help of medical professionals. With proper nutrition, lifestyle choices, and nutritional supplements, these ailments are sometimes reversed. We're here to accurately diagnose and provide the most effective treatment options. Some of the symptoms we are able to control include, but are not limited to:

Fatigue (Even After Sleep) | Body Aches | Unexplained Weight Loss | Low Blood Pressure | Lightheadedness | Loss of Body Hair | Skin Discoloration (Hyperpigmentation) | Depression | Unexplained Pain | Inability to Handle Stress